Wednesday, December 7, 2011

St. Nick

I spotted a wooden horse among my some toys that belonged to some friends. I asked their daughter where she got it and she pointed to a man I did not know. He was sitting alone carving some wood. I went over and I told him what a lovely horse it was. He said he was a new grandpa and he wanted to practice so he could make toys for his grandchild.  I told him my daughter would like to have one. He said he would just make her one, no charge. I told him that wasn't fair. If he was going to take the time to carve it he should be payed. He said no. He asked for my address. 

It was Autumn at the time. Months passed and I sort of forgot about the little wooden horse. December came around and we got a package in the mail. Inside was two wooden horses, one carved in dark wood, the other light. They had two little brown eyes and tails made of twine. They were wonderful. I contacted him and asked him what I owed him for postage. He said nothing and he wished us a Merry Christmas.
We weren't planning on doing Santa Clause with my daughter. I wanted to keep Christmas a holy day. But, after seeing those two horses we decided to put them in a stocking. It was her first Christmas and Santa had come. St. Nicholas. Someone who gave of himself for no other reason then to give of himself. I realize now that nothing can be more  Christ like then that.

 Today is the feast of St. Nicholas. That is why this story has been on my mind. I realize that I am not so generous. But, I've been so blessed to be surrounded by people who are so giving. I want my daughter to learn to have a generous spirit. 

 When she is old enough to ask, I will tell her this story.


  1. Thanks for Making my day, month and year, that is nice story.