Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Magic Wands

The kids I babysit for brought over a huge container of bubbles, a gallon at least. So, out we went to my back porch for some bubble blowing fun. Instead, of the usual wands theirs were battery operated, with four heads and a fan in the back. So, you push the button and suddenly all these bubbles appear.
So, 1/4 of the way through the gallon, one of the wands broke. Leaving me to fix it and console one screaming 3 year old. Finally, I got it working again. Then the batteries quite on the other. Ah, another screaming child, this one 5. But, there were no new batteries.
So, the 5 year old sat and watched her brother for awhile. He pointed the wand at the ground creating a mountain of bubbly froth. Then he would pop them one by one. Finally, frustrated, the 5 year old stuck her fist in the bubble solution and blew on it in an angry huff. A bubble floated away from her hand like magic. "Did you see that!?" She said to him. She did it again, only that time she tried to make a circle with her fingers. A string of bubbles lifted up through the air. Her brother hardly noticed and continued to shoot the ground.
She kept playing, each time moving her fingers into a different shape. After awhile she grew tired of that and looked around at the grass. She plucked up a blade and looped it into a circle. The she stuck it into the bowl of soap and blew on it. A tiny bubbled jumped out onto the grass. "I'll be right back." She said to me as she wandered to the back, were the bushes are overgrown and the grasses grow tall. She came back with a handful of sticks and steams. We bent them into loops and tested their bubble blowing properties. In the end, she decided she liked to use her hand the best. The 3 year old still sat popping bubble mountains he had made on the ground. Occasionally yelling, as if for the first time, "Look, look Miss Megan. A big one!"

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